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A Girl Creating a Home

Hi! I'm Remy, and I'm particular about what I like.
That is not to say I am picky or do not like anything. In fact, I love ​lots of things! I just have a certain taste and opinion about everything, a particular "style" if you will. Ever since I was young, you could find me collecting things and creating things that brought me a whimsical sense of happiness. I guess you could say that is what this blog is for me, but upon thinking on the subject, I realized that I want the roots of this page to be so much deeper than pretty things that catch my eye.


My friends describe me as a California Girl with a Texas heart. I love wine, sunsets, cruising down Highway 101 in the convertible, Newport Beach and the smell of marine fog in the morning. But I also love BBQ, southern charm, patios with fire pits & loud country music, rolling rivers, big Texas skies, and most importantly Friday night lights. Texas is my second home and my heart aches for it. So, after moving back out here to Southern California, to make my way as a young adult,  I longed for a place to make my own in this big world (and fill the BIG void that leaving Texas gave me). So I did a thing. I bought a website and started a blog!

I don't have any expectations for this blog other than to fill it with things that I love and want to share with others. I don't dream to make it a profession or hope to have partnerships with companies.  After all, all that matters in this life are the people you spend time with, their trust, and the experiences you share with one another. I believe that with all my heart, so I really hope you enjoy this place where you can experience this new chapter with me! And I cannot wait to share it with you. 

If you have been a part of my life up to this point, I want to thank you; for making me the woman I am today and leading me to this point in my life. You know who you are. Everything that has happened to me up to this day, good or bad,  has shaped me and paved the way for the happiness that I have and for the future I have that I can not even begin to imagine. While it has not always been easy, it has always been right, and it has always been worth it. 

So, without further adieu, I welcome you to my blog, Jeremy Jac.

A place made for me, by me, where I can be unapologetically myself. Exploring the charm of this beautiful new home in Southern California, while paying homage to the wonderful places I've been, and the people who have been pushing me through all along. Cheers!

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