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2019 Amazon Holiday Gift Guide Series: For Women

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{ This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Please note that I only recommend tools that I would or have personally used and love. I always have my readers' best interests at heart. Enjoy! }

Writing this post was hard on my heart because I wanted to buy myself all these items! I had to exercise extreme restraint. Luckily I have the most deserving women in my life and spoiling them is so much fun. So that is the compromise I came up with. Still buying these awesome items, gifting them to my family and friends and seeing them enjoyed. The girls will probably laugh when they recognize all these items under the tree on Christmas morning, but don't say I didn't warn you!

Also a small update, I went ahead and connected my RSS feed with Bloglovin'! What this means is there is a new and simple way to enjoy future blog posts from me. Go ahead and download the Bloglovin app (This works great on the iPad, Grandma! 😉 ) and see if you like it! Don't forget to subscribe on the app as well! It is a separate website, but I think you'll enjoy it a lot! Give it a try.

For the Glamor Girl

1. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara Let's warm up with a stocking stuffer! This is still my favorite drug store mascara year after year. It is so dark and really coats my lashes without looking clumpy. The price is unbeatable and she deserves it!

2. Oribe Gold Lust Hair Care Collection This is the shampoo and conditioner I use so a refill of these products is definitely on my wish list! They smell amazing and make my hair feel magnificent. This brand also features Balm d'Or which is not included but an amazing product. If you have to pick one, definitely pick the Balm d'Or. It is a lifesaver for ladies who heat style their hair.

3. 10 Piece Golden Makeup Brush Set There is this funny thing that all girls have in common (with exception to professional makeup artists who are on their game). We all need brushes, but we won't buy them for ourselves. Ask your mom when the last time she bought a makeup brush was. The answer will amaze you. So this will be the gift she didn't even know she wanted!

For the Fashionista

1. A pair of Parravi Jewelry Fashion Earrings (I'm sorry this isn't an Amazon link! They're just so cute so, forgive me.)

I have become really good friends with this mother-daughter duo down the road from me. They own a boutique by the water and we hang out for hours trying on outfits and pieces. Since we've met, they have helped me start a business and grow my account and I've been able to help them build a website and promote their social media accounts. They have a great array of jewelry and clothing ranging from fine to flashy. If you go check them out, tell them I sent you! Also, feel free to use the code "JeremyJac10" at checkout for 10% off your purchase.

2. Kate Spade New York - Sylvia Croc Embossed Bifold Wallet This alligator wallet is timeless and elegant... and shiny.

3. An Edgy [BLANKNYC] Moto Jacket will have her feeling large and in charge! I've had this in four different colors. It completes the look every time.

For the Fitness Fanatic

1. Running Belt I always feel like an awkward dinosaur running with my phone in my hand so I can listen to music. This is a way better option.

2. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle In a pretty rose gold.

3. Adidas QT Running Shoes The beautiful metallic detail on this design has got me reeling! So pretty.

4. Collapsable Foam Roller Am I really an Athletic Trainer if I fail to promote the importance of foam rolling on my blog? No. No, I wouldn't be. Ask my Athletes.

For the Happy Homemaker

1. Homesick Candle So many options, I love the Texas one myself.

2. Savor - Entertaining and Charcuterie Book For appetizer design inspiration.

3. The Makita Vacuum Okay. I know. This is weird. BUT this vacuum is THE BEST and it is so light and easy to pull out for quick touch-ups. And its as small and cute as a vacuum can get. The Makita Brand is a power tool company so the mechanics in the vacuum are superior to many of the other popular companies, it is ideal for little spaces like a car or corners of the couch, but is also powerful enough to vacuum an entire room.

For the Girl on the Go

1. Jewelry Organizer, This company makes so many great jewelry boxes and travel cases. My personal travel case is my best-kept packing secret! Having a place for my accessories and being able to toss it in my drawer or suitcase is incredibly handy. I was specifically going to link the travel case I use but I decided to link the amazon boutique because there are so many awesome products to choose from.

2. Picnic Basket What is more whimsical than a trip to the park for a friendship picnic in the spring? Nothing.

3. Purse Organizer Let's face it, being busy and on the go directly correlates to the amount of stuff we carry in our purse and end up misplacing.

For The Lady Who Deserves Some "Me Time"

1. Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Pillow It is like a warm hug, for your face.

2. Weighted Blanket It is like a warm hug, for your body.

3. Spa Bath Pillow This gift has to be a twofer. Because of this budget-friendly suction-cup wine holder.

For the "Momager" Who Keeps Everyone On Track

1. Tile - Item Tracking System No more lost purses or misplaced backpacks again ever. These handy devices will keep the whole family's items where they're supposed to be.

2. Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse Smart Writing Set Pen & Ruled Smart Notebook The ease of pen and paper with the organizational power of a phone or tablet. This girl is gonna be unstoppable.

3. A Kindle so she can read any book on the go and save herself the home space and hassle of storing paperback books.

Happy Shopping!

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