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Elegant Haunted Mansion Table Setting for Halloween

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

{This blog post contains affiliate links from Amazon. If you use them, I may be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale. Please note that I only recommend items that I personally use and love! I always have my readers' best interests at heart. Enjoy!}

This post is chock-full of favorites for me. Spooky Halloween spirit, DIY floral arrangements, and elegant table settings, oh my! I am so happy with the way this project turned out. Designing table settings is hands down the best way to decorate a space for the holidays, in my opinion. I think well-designed tablescapes can elevate the elegance and intentionality of a room. Directing all of my design attention to a table setting (or two! whoops!) also helps me concentrate any decorations I have into key gathering areas, which sets a mood without having to extend decorations throughout the whole home.

This year I created two dining tablescapes. The first one, which I have termed "The frightening foyer" has a lighter, more familial mood while still maintaining a formality that I think would be appropriate for a small gathering. The second is a dark and sultry table, which yearns for a formal dinner party looming with guests dressed in their best to toast to a harrowing Halloween night. I particularly love the look of bold metallics mixed with the high-contrasting dark colors. I made the floral arrangements that I used as centerpieces. I was able to DIY this project with stems I bought on sale at hobby lobby, empty pots, and floral foam (not to mention a beautiful picture of an arrangement I found to use as inspiration).

I want to note that the crystal glassware and silverware are family heirlooms, and I do believe they add a touch of personal history and elegance to the table setting. The rest of the supplies were bought at either Pier 1 Imports or HomeGoods. At the bottom of this post, I am linking the items I used, as well as some other similar products from Amazon and Pier 1 Imports. Just in case you want to try something like this for your next dinner party! All you have to do is click the link and it will take you to a site you can buy the item. I hope you enjoy my designs! Happy Haunts.


The Frightening Foyer


The Eerie Evening Party

Where To Buy!


Click Here for the exact same skull design from the Frightening Foyer. Click Here for the Bone Appetit Design from The Eerie Evening Table. I also found some other design options to include that I think would also work well for a Halloween dinner table. Please Click any underlined text from here on out if you would like to see the products I found! • Apothecary Appetizer PlatesSkeleton Couple222 Fifth Hallow Apothecary (Full Salad Plate Set)


• French Red Limoges Chargers in Indienne Laque Rouge by Philippe Deshoulieres • Gold Acrylic Chargers Pier 1 Silver Beaded Chargers


Eerie (But also Grateful & Thankful) Script Napkins from this Post Medieval LatinBlack and White HarlequinSilver Napkin RingsSpider Napkin RingsSkull Napkin RingsPlain Black Linen Napkins


Maeve Waterford (Discontinued Design)


Kirk Stieff Repousse

Table Cloth

Spooky Lace Spider Web Rectangular Table ClothPlayful 40in SpiderwebSpider Web RunnerSpider Web Mantle Decor • Metallic Runner (Unlinked - Found at HomeGoods)


Bronze Skull CandleBlack Taper Candle SticksBleeding Candles (Highly recommend!) • Ivory Taper Candle SticksBlack CandelabraFlickering Flameless Column Candle SetBlack Skull Candle Stick HoldersBurgungy Tapered Candles

As you can probably tell from this post, I think Halloween is the best time of year because I can be as creative and extreme as I want to be in my designs. I love decorating and creating small haunted vignettes around my house that will start a conversation using romantic poet Edgar Allen Poe as inspiration. I was able to find all the pieces I needed around town to make this Halloween’s decor a memorable one. What area in your house would you love to add a little bit of mystery?

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