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My First Apartment: Fort Worth Chic

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Moving into your first home is one of the more exciting, and humbling moments in someones lifetime. It is a moment when you realize, "This is it. I am on my own. I am adulting." It takes a sense of security and maturity to step out of the comfort zone of having roommates toward moving out on your own. You may have to reinvent yourself in a way, especially if the furniture and design of your previous living quarters was heavily influenced by other tenants. Do you want your apartment to be cozy? Minimalistic? Luxurious? Or maybe you're just trying to put a roof over your head and have a place to hit the hay at night. Whatever your first home is to you, let it be your sanctuary. A place where at the end of the day when you walk in the door, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

That is the other great thing about moving into your own apartment. Being able to take complete ownership of your living space and habits is way more liberating than you would think. Living with roommates certainly helped me discover my living preferences and habits, but living on my own really allowed me to put them into practice. To "put my money where my mouth is," if you will. Being able to take ownership of the condition in my space helped me to grow. If I left my shoes in the hall and the dishes in the sink or if my closet was a war zone, I had to take ownership for that. If the apartment was sparkling clean and tidy, I could take ownership for that. When I invited friends over and they were impressed with my home, I could take ownership for that. I think that was my favorite part of living on my own. Well, some ownership. It certainly helped that my apartment complex, CWS Marquis at Stonegate, was so nice already! My space was fully updated with great appliances and unbeatable storage that helped me to stay organized. I would definitely live there again in a heartbeat.

I would like to say that this post is not sponsored. These items were purchased by myself according to my own taste. Most furniture in my space was passed down to me by family members and I am so grateful for them! Without further adieu, I'd like to present to you, my own Western Chic Sanctuary.


Living Room

Fort Worth Texas World market artwork

My fireplace was the statement in my little living room. I decorated my mantle with a desert themed cactus canvas with a brushed gold frame from World Market. I used some silver pieces to balance out the look, and let my beautiful beaded cowhide pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond be the star of the show on display next to the marble. It doesn't look like this exact design is available anymore but I've linked a similar one and was so impressed at the cowhide items for sale at BB&B. Especially the rugs, nuLOOM sells a beautiful cowhide patchwork rug on BB&B that is to die for, if you're in the market for a light colored area rug, or if you want to splurge this herringbone pattern is the epitome of cowboy chic.I have a BB&B rug in this room as well which is tagged in a later picture. These pillows and area rugs are so expensive looking and I can speak on the quality. Definitely check out their selection!

My design trick for this room is definitely mixing mediums. I love the mix of sparkly metallics and natural elements like plants and animal hides. I think the combo is so classy and luxurious but still fun, flirty, and age appropriate.

Amazon Bar Cart in Fort Worth Apartment

I bought this reclaimed wood bar cart on amazon my sophomore year. It has been a crowd favorite in my living spaces ever since! It was perfect to store pretty serve ware and a few bottles of wine that what wouldn't otherwise have a good place in the kitchen. (I also love my little orchid flower as well and highly suggest getting one that suits your space. There are some amazing faux plants!) This cart was super easy to assemble by myself and was easily passed on to friends when I left. What wasn't so easy was choosing a friend to give it to! I had four different girls trying to get their hands on it! Here are some similar designs linked below!

1. Nathan James, Black Beauty

2. Ashley Furniture, Antique Gold

3. Silverwood, Art Deco Dream Cart

4. O&K Furniture, Industial Wine Rack Table

My fort worth apartment

Fort worth texas apartment decoration

1. Bryce Area Rug

2. Kirkland's, Taupe Storage Bench with Nailhead Trim

3. Kirkland's, Natural Wood Serving Tray

4. Gold Texas Foil Pillow

5. Bath and Body works, Mahogany Teakwood Candle

Fort Worth Texas World market artwork


Dining Room & Kitchen

Gray Malin - Prada Marfa Texas Cowboy Artwork - Fort Worth Apartment

My dining room was a special room to me because it became the home of my favorite piece of art. The Onlooker a piece by Gray Malin, was a gift from my parents for my birthday. It is perfect and completely represents me and my personality. The juxtaposition of rural countryside with lavish luxury is captured in Gray’s Prada Marfa series. The series showcases the illusive exhibit by artists Elmgreen and Dragset and shot on location in Marfa, Texas. The Prada store is an artscape created in 2005 in Marfa, Texas. Marfa is known for the ‘New York chic’ meets ‘cowboy cool’ deserted Prada storefront design. The art scene is widely recognized as a landmark of dusty West Texas. I used this artwork, unknowingly as a design inspiration in my apartment, once again mixing rural natural elements, with the high fashion components.

Long story short. I love this picture. I am this picture. I live this picture.

Fort Worth Texas World Market / Pier 1 Imports dining set

Leaving a table set, to me, is a foul proof way to add class to a living space and also create a warm, welcoming environment for visitors that may show up out of the blue. (Not to mention using a set of pretty dishes and shiny flatware acts as a bonus statement decoration piece!) Since these dishes were in heavy rotation, I didn't have to worry about them getting dusty or dirty. The best part about leaving my table set, is that I could use my kitchen cabinets for storage of pantry goods, kitchen utensils, and appliances I wouldn't otherwise like to leave on the counter. I think this is my biggest tip for a young person looking to elevate their space's design. Have a welcoming tablescape that is easy to lay down and take up for when you need the working table space. I got my table setting down to a science and it really only took a minute to set and unset the table for different occasions.

1. World Market, Hammered Flatware

2. World Market, La Rochere Bee Glasswear

3. Pier 1 imports, Scroll Dinnerwear

4. Pier 1 imports, Tabella Black Placemats


1. Williams & Sonoma, Breville Smart Oven Pro

2. Amazon, Galvanized Flatware Caddy

3. Amazon, Galvanized Grater Decoration Container

4. Amazon, Glass Jar Spice Organizer Rack

5. Amazon, Airtight Ceramic Rice Cannister



Fort worth apartment bookshelf decoration

My bedroom was a space I wanted to be relaxing yet functional. I had one corner of built in shelving to decorate but I kept the rest of the room pretty basic using art and (mismatching lamps... to my dismay) to bring light and design to an otherwise plain room. The most important part about styling lamps on either side of a bed is making sure they are at least the same height to create a sense of symmetry. If you're in a pickle like me, a shorter lamp can be built up using pretty books as a base. Next time I am styling a room like this, I will definitely choose two similarly styled lamps, but for this room I wanted to use what I already had. For shelves I used miscellaneous decorations that I already had. Make sure you're adding personal touches throughout your space like I did here with this deer skull I found on the ranch and with the cutest picture of my best boy, Dallas. I also want to highlight the website where I bought the wooden brick mold and candle sticks because it is a REALLY cool website. Décor Steals is a really neat website that updates every 24 hours. They have great deals on limited items that only last 24 hours. If you're trying find just the right budget friendly, high quality piece to decorate your home, check this site every morning! Once the item sells out it is gone forever!

Fort worth TCU apartment dorm bedroom decor

Last but not least, my favorite space in my home... MY BED! I think nice bedding is so important! Make sure when you are shopping for your first apartment, first and foremost before any decoration or accessory, you love your sheets. They will be good to you. You want your bed to be your favorite space in your home, because after all, if you have a place to lay your head at night you have everything you need!

I had plenty of comfortable pillows for sleeping and for sitting up against while I studied. Yes. I admit. I had many long nights studying in bed, even though I know you're not supposed to do that. #College. My Croscill "Devon" duvet was purchased from from Bed Bath and Beyond which is my favorite place to look for bedding along with Home Goods and Target. It is old so it was tough to find in stores but I was able to find it on Amazon, my hero.

My duvet was purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond which is my favorite place to look for bedding along with Home Goods and Target.

Fort worth TCU apartment dorm bedroom decor

Fort worth TCU apartment dorm bedroom decor

Happy Decorating! I hope you enjoyed my "crib" and I hope I shared some helpful tips you can use to make your new space, well... Yours!

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