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Post-Quarantine: A New & Improved You!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

You know it's coming. Our world is about to open up. Are you ready? Need inspiration or direction? We've followed orders, stayed home, relaxed (hopefully), and tried to make sense of our current Covid-19 situation. Now what?

It doesn't matter how you spent your days, but now is the time to think forward and make every future day count. Over this quarantine period, I've thought a lot about my previous habits and what I want in the future. This was, and still is, the perfect time to identify a few areas to improve or at least prepare for success

Are you ready to rise from the couch with me? Let's get ourselves ready to take on the world!

1. Establish a consistent workout routine

2. Be the boss of your circadian rhythm

3. Simplify your life with Spring cleaning

4. Take a course that might enhance your career or spark passion for a hobby

5. Clarify your financial picture and make moves

6. Identify and eliminate activities from your pre-quarantine routine which no longer align with your post-quarantine goals

7. Add life and freshness to your space in the form of a house plant or fresh herbs

8. Rotate your seasonal wardrobe and refresh your staples

9. Pull out a planner or a scheduling app to set goals and make the most of your days

10. Make that to-do list and attack it head-on before it catches up to you!

More detailed info on how I plan to personally implement these ideas in the upcoming days!

Sending all my love, Happy Memorial Day!

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