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Post-Quarantine Glow-Up: Let's Get Physical.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Now, I know what you're all thinking. "Remy we know how much you hate working out and competing or basically anything remotely uncomfortable and sweaty... why should we read a blog post telling us to work out?" And my friends, I will level with you here. I do dislike all of these things and I would still much rather do pretty much anything else! HOWEVER, since quarantine started I really did challenge myself physically and I am proud to say that I have benefitted from committing myself to a schedule that includes being active 5-6 times a week in ways that have nothing to do with my body-image or structure. I've gained strength, mental toughness, and have benefitted greatly from having a regular routine. Here are 4 of the different work out programs I have dabbled with over the past few months.

Couch-to-5k Running

I have participated in Couch to 5k (C25k) at least five times in my adult life. This program rocks! For everyone! Please believe me when I say I am not a natural runner. I have short legs, I am not aerobically trained, and when I was a kid I finished the mile last every time. It was mortifying and really discouraged me from any and all running activities. C25K eases you into running 30 minutes straight over the course of 9 weeks (you can increase this time if you wish to go at a slower pace). You begin running very short intervals. We're talking 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time with breaks in between. The time gradually increases each day you run at a very comfortable rate and the entire workout never takes longer than 40 mins and that is including the 5 minutes allotted for warmup and cooldown! When I first began and was feeling more ambitious, I finished my workouts with a hike through the canyon. I am now at a level that takes me out and is more challenging... so I don't do that. BUT the hiking was also enjoyable I just wanted to throw that out there.

Streaming Studio Classes

Another great option that I have experimented with is the online streaming of my favorite studio classes. My parents are generous enough to let me play with their Peloton Cycle. The bike itself is expensive, but a regular subscription is $39/month and includes bike, treadmill, strength training, yoga, stretching, and meditation classes. Peloton has very similar training programs to the C25k one, a comparable 6-week to 5k class can be trained outdoors. I have also previously talked about my positive experience with the Pure Barre workout. They have a website dedicated to online streaming of live and pre-recorded classes. Check out my previous post for the science behind Barre classes if you think this workout might be right for you.

Zoom Personal Training

While I was going to a training studio twice a week pre-quarantine, nothing about doing weight training at home via zoom sounded appealing. I thought skipping my workouts during the quarantine would actually be a nice break. Who knew it would last so long. I'm so glad my personal trainer hunted me down like a dog. I actually think I like it better than going into the studio. It's fast, all my workout equipment (bands, yoga mat, dumbells, Bosu ball, etc) finally have a purpose. I created a little space on my patio and working out in the shade with my dogs and the birds chirping feels luxurious. If you don't already have a physical trainer, rest assured there are tons online right now who have lost all their clients and would be more than happy to help. Browse Instagram under #zoomworkout and see if you can find some trainers advertising their services.

There is no wrong way to start getting more active and it is never too late. I promise you the proud and happy feeling you get after completing a workout can't be beat!

Until next time, my fit friends!

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